Tailored Viticultural Advice for the 
Modern Day Grape Grower

VinoAgro offers a range of packaged services drawing on their extensive experience both practical and technical to suit your vineyard business needs.

Viticulture Agronomy Services

  • Vineyard Agronomy Advice
    • Vineyard inspections – Pest & Disease Monitoring,
    • Technical Services of soil testing, tissue testing and plant pathology services
    • Vineyard Irrigation Management
    • Customised AgroChemical and Nutrition Programs
    • Site Specific Vineyard Pruning and Canopy Management Advice
    • Tailored Advice in Organic and Biological Production Systems

Viticulturist Services​

  • Whole of Vineyard Business Consultancy
    • Vineyard Agronomy Advice
    • Vineyard & Financial Benchmarking & Budgets
    • Vineyard Reworking and Re-Development Advice
    • Vineyard Strategic Planning
    • Whole of Vineyard Viticulturist sub-contract services

Wine Industry Contract Services​

  • Technical Services
    • Offering sub-contract technical services to Semi-Corporate and Corporate Wine Businesses
  • Grower Liaison (GLO) Services
    • Offering those services performed by GLO’s to both private and corporate Wine Businesses.

Warren Burgess

B.Agric Agronomy (Hons1)
Viticultural Agronomist

Warren started his career from humble beginnings, starting within the wine industry as a vineyard hand. Fast Forward just over 20 years, the 2nd Generation Viticulturist saw a need for client focused viticultural advice, with this in mind VinoAgro was born.
Warren will work with his clients to ensure they reach their vineyard business potential by providing them with a high level of technical advice for growing winegrapes whilst drawing on his strong practical background within the industry.

For a fresh approach to viticultural advice contact Warren today.